Geppetto's Marionette Theater      (469) 442-1925

(Inside the Hilton Anatole)

2201 N Stemmons Freeway

Dallas, TX 75207

Standard Rules of Theater Etiquette

Dear Parents and Guardians, we love children and want to provide an exciting and memorable experience for them and all of our patrons.  We were recently named by the Dallas Observer as the best theater in Dallas to introduce children to Live Theater.  We were given this award due to our adherrance to live theater protocols. To insure a level of theater etiquette, please review these guidelines with your children prior to attending a show.

  • During the show, children are expected to remain seated and create no extended distraction.
  • For safety and respect, children should not run, jump, or climb on the seats of railings in the theater auditorium.
  • Please visit the restroom before the performance begins.
  • Silence cell phones.
  • Limit speaking during the performance...whispering is still speaking.
  • Do not take photos or record video during the performance.
  • Do laugh and  applaud when it is appropriate during the performance.
  • Lastly, we respectfully request all crying or overly disruptive children be escorted from the auditorium so others may enjoy the show without distraction.